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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ways to Wear it: Day to Night OOTD

     A girl on a budget needs to be able to work the versatility of her clothes. When I'm shopping I always try to envision my options with whatever piece I'm thinking about buying, be that shoes, a dress, a top or even jeans. I rarely buy anything that I will only be able to wear one way or once period. This not only saves money but also saves space when traveling. I bought this crop top from Forever 21 in preparation for my trip to Las Vegas which is where I am in the above pictures. It saved a lot of time when I was getting dressed to go out because I didn't have to change my whole outfit, it also saved space in my suitcase because I didn't need to pack another full outfit. If you want to learn how to dress up/down a crop top keep reading! 

Day Look:

     My day look was really fun and comfortable. I also showed a lot of skin, which I never get to do but I was in Vegas and it was HOT! I paired the crop top with a pair of high waist shorts that I made from a pair of boys jeans from the Goodwill. If you want to try it check out a tutorial on YouTube, which is what I did. This is actually one of my favorite pairs of shorts for the summer and I only spent around $2 for them compared to the $20-$40 you may spend in a store.
Since the outfit is kind of plain I paired them with a pair of mint/green Keds that I got on sale at JC Penney, a matching pair of Sunglasses from Payless and my new cross body bag from Charming Charlie. Each of those pieces was actually chosen for this outfit for very specific reasons. I wanted to wear cute athletic shoes to protect my feet while walking on the Strip so I chose Keds. They are comfortable, inexpensive, they flatten out nicely in a suitcase and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. The bag, despite its size, has a lot of different pockets and storage space making it perfect for a sight seeing trip. I was able to fit my credit cards/ money, phone, portable charger, hygiene products (very useful in 101 degree weather) and a few other things. I also loved that I could safely hook my sunglasses to the sides, which helped me keep track of them and also pulled the outfit together. 

All of the jewelry I wore was from Forever 21 as well. I decided to wear gold accessories to match the gold hardware on the bag.

Night Look:

To take this outfit from day to night I got rid of the playful colors and brought out the heels! This outfit gains a lot of sex appeal from the the faux leather skirt I got from Windsor. It is high waisted and rather long. I falls below my knee which I really like, It's a very Kim Kardashian look. The material has a matte shine to it that ads texture to the outfit as it contrasts the soft cotton of the crop top. Even thought the skirt is skin tight and figure flattering it is still conservative as it covers a lot of the skin that I was showing during the day. 
I wore my "Manzo" heels from Payless, which are a nightmare to walk in for longer than 5 minutes but soooo cute!

All of my jewelry for the night look came from H&M.
I removed the cross-body strap from the Quilted Queen bag and wore it as a wristlet, which again made getting dressed and packing so much easier!

In the future I plan on wearing this top with a pair of colored high waist pants. I also want to figure out a way to make this look office friendly, that might be a little more challenging but I'm up to it!

Outfit Details 

Denim Shorts: Good Will for around $2
Gym Shoes: Keds JC Penney $29
Skirt: Faux Leather skirt Windsor $19.99

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