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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tales from the Roots: Natural Hair Journey, Length Check and Update

 This is the first time I've straightened my hair since October. I'm actually really proud that I have kept the flat iron out of my head for so long! My hair has changed and grown so much over the past seven months. Right now I have about an inch to an inch and a half of natural hair. It's really interesting seeing the difference in texture that I have throughout my head. In the front my curls are loose, the crown of my head is really thick and tight. I have a hard time seeing those curls just because of where they are and since they are still short. The curls at the nape of my neck and around my ears are pretty defiant. They look like little zig zags to me. I'm not sure what hair type it is. I always assumed I had a 4C texture, the tightest, thickest coiled hair, because everyone around me had always said my hair was extremely thick but it may be something else.

My relaxed hair does shed quite a bit. While flat ironing it I could definitely see a difference between the thickness and texture of the hair as I moved down each strand. The shedding isn't so bad that it looks thin while it is straight but when my hair is wet I can definitely tell.
I'm really excited about my growth. At times I get really frustrated with dealing with the two textures, especially when it comes to twisting it. The longer my hair gets the harder it is too keep my curls tight and fresh. I was told by another natural girl that after cutting the relaxed ends my twist outs would look way better, so hopefully that is true.
My hair still takes well to heat, I had to be more patient since my hair is a lot thicker now but it came out really well. I just have to make sure I detangle my hair really well when it still has conditioner on it and section it off before blow drying.

I have picked out a style for my partial big chop, the only thing keeping me from the salon chair is my finances right now but soon I will be back to rocking short hair!

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