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Thursday, June 1, 2017

My first Fashion Nova Purchase

Check out the details on my first fashion Nova purchase. I saw a bunch of things that I might like to order but I chose to just order 1 thing to test out the company.. I'm glad I did.

My purchase:

I bought the Kick Push Jumpsuit in the color Dusty Rose/White. I comes in a least one other color (Navy Blue/ White) that I saw but there are other similar styles with different colors on the site. I got a size small. I based my size decision on the sizing chart provided and the customer reviews.  

The price of the jumpsuit is $29.99 each but I used a promo code and got 25% off. The shipping cost is $6 and you get free 2 day shipping for orders over $75. After the promo code and shipping I paid $28.50 total. 

I submitted the order on May 18th, it shipped on May 20th, and I received it on May 24th. It isn't my free 2 day shipping from amazon prime (I'm clearly spoiled) but it was just fine. 

Quality & Fit 

The fabric of the jumpsuit is a really soft, clingy material that really hugs your curves. I thought the fit was OKAY but not as flattering on my shape as I would have liked. I had reservations about ordering from a site that seemed to only cater towards women built like a coke bottle. For the most part I think the outfit is cute enough but it would look better if I had wider hips. If I would have tried this on at a store, I probably wouldn't have bought it. 


Would I shop again?

Even though I didn't have a bad experience with the company I probably won't shop there too frequently. This is mostly because of the return policy. Store credit is the only option, there are no exchanges and you have to pay out of pocket for return shipping. If I want to use my store credit to make another purchase I have to wait until they receive and process my return & then apply the credit to my account. This is the case for a lot of websites but I prefer to shop with companies that at the least offer a full refund but free return shipping is important as well! 
Everything is spelled out on the website but because I didn't read all of the fine print before ordering I found out too late! Don't be like me, read read read!

I'm not sure if the outfit will eventually grow on me but at this point I feel stuck because I can't get a full refund even after I pay to ship it back to the company. I have 30 days to decide so I will update you if I do end up returning it!

Watch the jumpsuit in action in my try on/ review video, now up on my YouTube channel

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