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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pharah's Nursery

With all the stress of pregnancy, I am happy to say that the nursery project was a success! It came out even better than I had hoped. 
Check out the video below to see the nursery tour on Youtube & be sure to keep reading this post for more on each DIY project within the room. 

Nursery tour video

Pintrest inspiration for this room
During the months leading up to Pharah's birth, I basically lived on Pintrest. This is where I got a lot of inspiration for the color palette in her nursery and the baby shower theme.
Check out my "Pharah's Nursery" board on pintrest to see more of the pins I pulled inspiration from. 

Changing Table

I found this changing table at the Salvation Army near my home. It was being sold for $35 but lucky for me, on the day I went it was on sale for $17. This was not the first thrift store or changing table I had found, however. I had gone to quite a few and never found one that was this cheap or cute! The table I almost bought the week before was $60!

We got it home and the work began. I knew that I wanted her furniture to be white so I had to paint the changing table. I did not sand the table down, I probably should have but I was lazy (just being honest here). I used paint from Target and a can of Rust-o-leum clear coat to seal the paint. I covered the shelves with plain contact paper, also from Target, and voila! A brand new changing table. 

I added mint and pink baskets and tubs to match the room and a hanging organizer on the side. This changing table was probably the best $17 I've spent on anything in the room. Having everything in one spot makes those fussy and sometimes messy diaper changes a lot more efficient and a lot less stressful.


Instead of a closet, I opted for a bookshelf, repurposed to display her cute dresses and books. This bookshelf is another item I picked up from the salvation army. The only downside is that it wasn't on sale that day but $50 is still an amazing bargain for such a piece of furniture in such god shape. Since it was already white and in pretty good shape there was no need to paint it. All I needed to do was pick up pegs for the shelves, which I found at ACE hardware, and tensions rods from Walmart. 
My Pin-spiration

At this point, the bookshelf was ready to serve its new purpose. I'm currently only using 3 of the 5 shelves that came with it. I may add them later if I ever want to use this in a different way but for now, I love the mix of hanging clothes and folded ones in the baskets. 

The striped baskets are made by Circo and sold at Target. In them, I store her clothes and bottles. I also have shoes and books on the shelves. As her collection increases we will have to reorganize but for now, this works perfectly. 

Wall decor

Putting Pharah's name up was another DIY project, inspired by Pintrest. Originally these letters from Michael's were plain cardboard. With the help of metallic spray paint, modge podge and a lot of gold glitter they became an amazing focal point for the room. Be sure to check my YouTube page for the full video.

I bought gold removable wall stickers, shaped like hearts, from to add even more flair to this wall. I ended up with extra so I also use them above her dresser. 

Lastly, the awesome canvas photo art I hung above the changing table is from none other than Shutterfly. With my purchase of the Boppy pillow, I got a $20 off coupon so I chose to put those Bella baby pictures to good use. This canvas is 12x12 and extremely well done. These can get quite expensive but with the $20 off coupon and free shipping I got a pretty good deal. 


The dresser was actually a piece of furniture that my mother bought before I was born. It has been used for over 20 years and was very worn. My mother stripped and restained the wood to this beautiful color.

 I ordered glass knobs from to replace the old and missing knobs. This was the most cost effective option for this look. In any hardware store, like Menards or Home Depot, knobs like these go for $5 each. I was able to get 10 for $7.99 on Amazon

On top of the dresser, I have simple gold frames from the dollar store, a gold scrapbook and some artwork gifted to us at the baby shower. 

I absolutely love how the room turned out. The mint, pink and gold palette works very well for a baby's room but it will also be able to change and grow with her. 

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