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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cocotique September Subscription box

I am a new subscriber of Cocotique, one of the many beauty subscription box  companies. I first heard of this company from a Facebook promotion that advertised their first month's box for only $10 for new subscribers. After doing some research on the company I found that they are a company that caters to women of color. You sign up and each month you receive a box with 5-8 deluxe sample size and full size products, ranging from skin cars, hair care and lifestyle products.

I got a total of 11 products in my first box,  not including the hype hair digital subscription and the Curl V hair coupon. Out of these 11 products 4 were full sized, the rest were samples.

To see everything I got in the box watch my YouTube video below on my September box.
Here are some of my favorite products in this month's box and their descriptions:

Black radiance lip gloss in #5111 blackberry, full size:

"Conditions lips with aloe vera, grape seed extract plus antioxidant protection. Plus, the delicate berry flavor keeps lips kissable delicious for hours". Full-size price $2.99. I really liked the color of this lip gloss. I am a huge fan of purple lipstick, especially deep purple's for fall. It even small amazing which is always a plus. The only thing that I didn't like is the mess factor. The consistency is a little loose so it's hard to work onto your lips without a brush. It looks really nice on top of a dark lipstick, which also helps keep it in place.

Milani liquid eyeliner, full size: "They call this gel-based pencil 'liquid-like' for good reason. It has all the impact of liquid, but it's so much easier to use. Available in matte and shimmer finishes, it glides on and doesn't smudge" Full size $7.99. This has quickly become my new go-to eyeliner. It has a pretty shimmer that really adds something to your overall eye look. It is very creamy but easy to control while applying. I had no issues with it so far. In fact, it is very similar to the E.l.f mineral eyeliner which you can find online for $3. 

Shea Moisture Bath & Body wash & massage oil, Superfruit complex samples:
-Body wash: This stuff smells amazing! As soon as I opened the pouches the smell hit me. I was skeptical of the size of the sample, but I was able to get one nice shower out of the pack with no problems. This body wash has a really nice lather and feels very silky on the skin. A little goes a long way so I think you could have quite a few baths/showers from the full-size bottle.

-Massage Oil: This oil is very soft on the skin. I'm not typically a fan of body oils, I prefer to use lotion, but if you like using baby oil this is a nice alternative. It smells really nice and a little goes a long way.     

EA polish ring set, full size: EA polish pairs stunning nail polish with stylish rings. Each bottle comes with a ring. All polish is free of toxins and is vegan. Full size $12.99 I haven't used this one just yet. I want to try it out this fall to see how it holds up to my usual OPI manicures.

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