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Monday, November 17, 2014

Product Review: Younique "Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes"

     If you have a social media account, namely Instagram, you have seen posts from popular pages raving about the Younique "Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes" for the past few months.
    Every post features a pretty girl with her eyes open wide, showing off thick, long eye lashes that unbelievably came out of a bottle. I went from becoming mildly interested to captivated when I saw a video review from one of my favorite YouTube personalities Miss Ken K. She loved the product of course but when she mentioned that this was a great alternative to false lashes I was sold.
    I recently received my order and was able to use it a few times. Keep reading to see my full review.

Younique Fiber Lash Kit:

Cost: You can purchase this product on the Younique website for $29. I purchased mine on Amazon which saved me about $2 when it came to paying tax, shipping and handling. But ultimately you will pay at least $32 for this product regardless of where you buy it.

The Product:    

 This product promises to transform your natural lashes into thick, long and voluminous beauties in three, simply steps. This is done by attaching fibers to your already existing lashes. The formula for the transplanting gel and fibers claims to be all natural, waterproof and yet easy to remove with warm water or makeup remover.

What You Get:
     You will be sent (in a very sturdy case) a tube of the transplanting gel, which is black and very similar to mascara, and a tube of the 100% natural fibers taken from Green Tea. The packaging also included instructions. In addition to this you will need to use your own mascara as a base. You may also want an eye lash comb, I found mine very useful.


The steps are simple enough and it also comes with tips so that you can get the best usage possible.

1. Apply your favorite mascara and allow to dry.
2. Apply the transplanting gel to one eye
3. Before the gel dries, quickly apply the Fibers
4. Seal with another coat of transplanting gel.
5. Repeat on the next eye/ set of lashes

My Tips:

*I opened both bottles before starting. I didn't know how fast the gel would dry and I didn't want to waste any time.

* I did my top and bottom lashes separately

*I only applied one coat of fibers to each eye.

*I used my eyelash comb to shape and separate my lashes before everything dried


Product Review

-I got the results I wanted. I was afraid that maybe the product wouldn't but I'm happy to say it lived up to its reputation. I love the natural, full look of my lashes.

-This product is pretty sturdy. After wearing it for hours I can actually rub my eyes (gently) and not have any big lash hairs or fibers break off. I did get a little fall out but it wasn't anything serious.

-The application process is as simple as it claims to be. Of course it takes a few seconds longer than what it usually takes to apply mascara but it really isn't a big ordeal.

-This is a great alternative to false lashes. I could never apply them correctly so I am happy that I am now able to achieve that look without the hassle or the threat of losing any of my own lashes.

- I like that this product is made with natural ingredients. This stuff has the potential of getting in your eye, even when you follow the instructions to the tee so it's great that the ingredients are natural so that your eyes are not harmed in the process.

-Easy removal. I simply used a wet towel and eye makeup remover and the fibers and gel came right off. It took more effort to remove my eye liner than this mascara. I'm not sure how it would hold up to tears though....

-The Cost is one of the biggest cons for me when it comes to the Younique fiber lash system. For a cheap girl like me it's hard to say whether or not the results were worth $32 spent on mascara when I usually only spend about $8 a year. Now that I have it I will continue to use it but I doubt I would buy it in the future (unless I have a coupon!). I will be searching for another eyelash enhancing mascara for a cheaper price to compare at a later time...

-I found that the gel and fibers weigh down my lashes after a while. Making them stretch out and brush my glasses. I did not curl my lashes prior to applying mascara and this could solve my problem but I haven't tried it yet.

-Fibers in my glasses. As I mentioned before, my lashes now brush the lenses of my glasses more resulting in loose fibers being left on the lenses.

-Contact users may have issues when using this system. After applying the fibers and second coat of gel to seal I did have one or two fibers get into my eye. I think the fact that the fibers are natural helped this only be mildly irritating to my eye but I think it would have been worse if I was wearing my contacts. I was very careful while applying, I followed all instructions exactly but each time I applied the fibers I ended up with some of them in my eye.

-There was clumping after I applied the fibers. This is where I used my eyelash comb. You just need to work quickly because after the fibers dry they can be really difficult to pull apart. I didn't even try this because I was afraid I would pull out my lashes.

-Loose fibers in transplanting gel could cause problems down the line. After applying the gel a few times I noticed that the fibers caught on the brush after the sealing coat was applied had begun to clump. This isn't a problem now but I think in the future it could cause the gel to become really clumpy and hard to work with resulting in you not being able to use the product as long as you'd like to without having to replace it.

I hope you found this helpful if you are considering buying this. 

I think the product is pretty cool ads real beauty to my lashes. 

Over all I am satisfied with it and will continue to use it and take pictures :)

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